The Incredible Optical Illusion Of A lake Created By Nature


The Incredible Optical Illusion Of A lake Created By NatureFor a long time we have not been surprised with optical illusions. It is even more fascinating when these illusions appear in nature. As in the case of Lake Sørvágsvatn that projects a curious optical illusion.

In this image with a touch of illusion makes us believe that the lake is hundreds of meters above sea level, but as the photo was taken from above, it makes the lake look much higher than the North Atlantic Ocean.

In fact, it is the elevation changes, with those steep slopes that surround the lake, that give Sørvágsvatn a seemingly impossible aspect .

Lake Sørvágsvatn is the most impressive lake in Europe at an altitude of approximately 32 meters above sea level and gradually drains into its southern end, falling water by a waterfall named Bøsdalafossur.

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