Mother Gives 100 Liters Of Breast Milk After Baby’s Death


Mother Gives 100 Liters Of Breast Milk After Baby’s Death, Sarah Brownridge, a woman from Saskatoon, Canada, was so happy when her baby Creed was born in September 2017, but a few months before her first birthday, her child died.

“It’s the biggest feeling of helplessness we can feel,” the bereaved mother told Radio Canada.

When her son was hospitalized, Sarah gave her all the milk she could.

“It was the only thing I could do for my son,” she recalled.

This test has made her aware of what other mothers can do. She decided to get all her milk to donate. That’s how she managed to collect about 100 liters of breast milk to give everything to the NorthStar Mothers breast milk bank in Calgary.

A donation that will have consequences throughout the country

Jannette Festival, the director of the NorthStar Mothers Breast Milk Bank, welcomed the good news by saying that this donation will help thousands of sick babies. Milk will be distributed in batches for distribution across Canada.

This donation makes Sarah Brownridge one of the top five donors in the history of the Alberta Breast Milk Bank. Jannette Festival explained that breastmilk needs will always be there and she took advantage of her platform to invite mothers to donate at least 4 liters of breast milk, if they can.

“In many cases, it saves lives,” she said.

These stories are so good to read! Congratulations to Sarah for overcoming her grief to make this important donation. She knows now that all this will not have been in vain and that her milk will probably save the lives of other children who can be saved a little thanks to her. It is an extraordinary feeling for a mother who could not hold her baby in her arms longer than a few months and who lost her much too quickly. It gives a little meaning to all this.