OMG! Creature With The Body Of A Cat And The Human Head That Appeared In Malaysia


OMG! Creature With The Body Of A Cat And The Human Head That Appeared In Malaysia, It’s amazing how an image can be spread like gunpowder on the internet and convince half the world that the image is true. This has happened hundreds of times. In our series Engaños y Fraudes that we published in Curious Planet we found many stories that in the end turned out to be the elaborate plan of a fantastic deception.

Today we want to talk about an image that has become viral in social networks with legends such as “the half-human creature and a half cat that terrifies Malaysia”. How did this fraud originate?

It all started in a distant country: Malaysia. The origin of the creature is too insane to believe it. Social networks and thousands of comments were shaping this unlikely story. A woman gave birth to this creature. A minority explained that this creature was found in a Malaysian country garden.

The photos show a creature with two fangs protruding from its mouth and a rather weak appearance. In short, a creature quite strange and unpleasant, in the opinion of some.

The Malaysian police had to deny that the creature is not real. Datuk Rosli Abdul Rahman, police chief of Pahang, Malaysia, said the images were downloaded from the internet some time ago, the British newspaper Metro reported.

Other media reported that it is a reborn baby doll , that is, dolls (or dolls) so realistic, that in many cases they are mistaken for real babies.

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