Why Did This Picture Published On Facebook Help Solve A Murder Case 50 Years Later?


Why Did This Picture Published On Facebook Help Solve A Murder Case 50 Years Later?, It seems like a simple family scene, but it served to remind the victim’s brother of the fateful night. Paul Booth, 18 months, died on October 1, 1968. For more than 50 years the family believed that the child died because he had fallen out of bed, the version given by David Dearlove, stepfather of the child.

The only one who did not believe what Dearlove said was Peter Booth, Paul’s older brother. Since I was little I knew that what was said by his stepfather was a lie.

It seemed that the case was going to be forgotten, but Thanks to a picture of Paul with his stepfather, published by a son of Dearlove on Facebook, the memories of the skeptical brother were awakened.

The photo itself has nothing strange, it is a typical family scene. But thanks to her, he remembered that the night his brother died, he saw his stepfather grabbing Paul’s legs and banging his head against the wall of the fireplace over and over again.

With the violent scene still hanging in his head, Peter told his cousin what had happened to his brother. She did not hesitate and denounced David to the authorities.

Although 50 years had passed, David, who was separated from the Booth’s mother years later, was called to court.

Several people who witnessed the events after the alleged accident participated in the trial.

Peter was the first to declare and tell everything he saw through a half-closed door that faced the fireplace.

The neighbors of the family also gave their version of the events.

Dorothy Hampton, who was the first stranger to the family to arrive at the scene of the murder, tells: “Mrs. Booth came to my house crying, saying ‘my baby stopped breathing’. I went to help them. There I saw Dearlove trying to revive the little one. ”

“I noticed red marks on the child’s right hand. The stepfather said they were burned by hot water pipes. I am surprised how Mrs. Booth covered up everything, “added the neighbor.

The forensic report determined that the child had died from a blow to the head. He also revealed that Paul also had bruises all over his body; At that time, the mother had justified the bruises because the child had fallen off the stairs days before.

Dearlove has denied all the accusatio . According to the defense, you can not trust the memories of a person who at that time was four years old.

The outcome of this bloody family history will be known in December, when the judge verifies his verdict.

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