The Most Powerful Heart Touching Pictures In Africa History


The Most Powerful Heart touching Pictures In Africa History, A picture is worth a thousand words. And as much as we tell you stories, there are images that do not need to tell anything to produce a whole series of feelings. Here are some of the most powerful and powerful photographs that have ever been taken.

Every photograph transmits a message that in some cases (and almost all of them) transmit more than a message and a signal. We are approached by moments in history where we were not present but in the faces of people, we can feel in our body what happened to them at that moment.

Photography is an art and its objective is to transmit a message of an image that passed in an instant, is a document, visually impact and go that you are more than 20 photos if they succeeded.

Hunger in Africa

There are many images that show that in Africa you go hungry, although this picture looks much more than we would like. It is seen how a child in quite unfortunate conditions, because of hunger and drought, is waiting for death.

And not only that, but a scavenger bird is behind him, stalking him, and waiting for his inevitable end. This image gave a lot to talk about. It was made by Kevin Carter in 1993, and it was believed that the girl who appears in the photograph died shortly after. There have been many legends and many stories around this image. That is why, according to the newspaper El Mundo, in 2011, curiosity led a group of journalists to inquire about that history.

Actually, it was a boy, named Kong Nyong, who survived hunger and that photograph. However, he died in 2008 of a fever. By then, Kevin Carter and had committed suicide, a year after taking that picture, in 1994.

The photographer committed suicide because he was accused of not helping the child who was about to be attacked; when in reality nothing of what happened. It gives to think how the conscience sometimes plays tricks.