Scientists Say This Woman Has The Most Perfect Body In The World


Scientists Say This Woman Has The Most Perfect Body In The World, Every woman in the world has dreamed at least once of having “the perfect body,” but this is a very variable notion depending on each person and their vision. Nevertheless, is it still possible to find the body that would be perfect to the point of everyone agree? Although beauty is a concept that depends on personalities, mentalities and cultures, scientists believe they have determined this physical perfection.

Scientists reveal the female body which, according to them, embodies a certain perfection from a biological point of view. Such a woman should measure 1.68 cm and 99-63-91 cm respectively for the round of the chest, waist and hips. They clearly specify that such a body should be “totally natural” free of any cosmetic surgery or alteration to be considered absolutely perfect. Fortunately, there is a woman on earth today who meets each of these criteria of this so-called “perfect body”. This is a famous  English actress and  model named Kelly Brook.

According to these researchers from the University of Texas, scientifically speaking, a perfect woman should fulfill all the functions of evolution and procreation. The norms to be respected are therefore the attractiveness of the opposite sex, fertility, the capacity to support the processes of pregnancy and childbirth as well as the general state of health. As part of this  study , the scientists presented to the candidates of both sexes several images showing pictures of women whose body corresponded to a certain weight, height, measurements, length of hair and facial shape. It turned out then that these images really represented the feminine attractiveness of men, while for women, they embodied the image of the ideal body.

An analysis that will not be unanimous

This report published by the University of Texas provoked reactions that were at least virulent, especially in the feminist milieu. One of the arguments of these detractors is the fact that we talk about perfect bodies specifically targeting women. The next argument was that this “perfection” was based on both futile and sexist criteria such as being attractive to men or the ability to have children. On the other hand, there are some people who were quite delighted with these findings since they would prove that the concept of the perfect body was not pure invention straight from the fashion and modeling.

But as Kelly Brook’s photos show, “the perfect body” would be that of a woman with shapes and moderately fat, elements that clearly contradict the standards of the fashion industry according to Kelly Brook. why a woman should be  large  etmince even skinny to be attractive. Moreover, Kelly Brook herself says she would be unable to count the times she was considered “too plump” by fashion officials.

In the end, whatever our definition of the ideal body, we can be sure that it will change again and again with changing manners and public opinion. Besides, it’s not for nothing if, during the 20 th  century the beauty standards were changing almost every  new decade, knowing that most of those turnovers were radicals and this trend does not stop. Know the ladies, the most important thing is that you love your body, that you are beautiful and that you feel really comfortable in your skin!