The Story Behind This Little Girl’s Hairstyles Will Touch!


The Story Behind This Little Girl’s Hairstyles Will Touch!, Greg Wickherst, 33, is the dad of Izzy, who is almost 3 years old and the creator of these funny hairstyles that he has been sharing on his Facebook page.

But it’s not just a very talented dad and a girl with a lot of patience, because Greg is a single father, (since he got divorced and has total custody of Izzy) and not even knowing how to make a ponytail, decided to take a cosmetology course.

Helped by the cosmetology teacher at the university where he works, he learned the basics of hairstyle. “In a short time I was able to make simple braids, then fishtail braids and then French braids. “Commented the Huffington Post .

And although Greg has spent most of his adult life shaving his head, that did not stop him polishing his skills to make his little girl happy. How are you? Undoubtedly another sign that parents have no limits when it comes to their children. Simply adorable!

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