The 6 Best Positions To Sleep With Your Partner


The 4 Best Positions To Sleep With Your Partner, While it is true that sleeping with your partner strengthens your relationship is also that, many times, when sharing a bed, they end up doing strange positions and, above all, very harmful to health.

Therefore, to achieve absolute rest and that the body is not resentful, take good note of these positions that will allow you to sleep with your partner and be comfortable at all times.

The key, beyond the position by which you decide, is to seek comfort and escape from impossible positions in which you can harm yourself. All these positions will allow you to have a pleasant night and in which your partner and you demonstrate a total union.

1. Sideways

If you both like to sleep on your side, try to be back to back. This way you will be able to avoid the numbness of the body and you will not incur uncomfortable postures in which you happen to be with the other.

Without a doubt, a good way to achieve the rest of the two.

= In the event that one likes to sleep on one side and the other face up, for example, then the best thing will be for the person who sleeps on their side to turn a little on their back.

= Meanwhile, the other can be accommodated perfectly on the back and with arms outstretched.

2. Embraced

This position is liked by many couples, although it is not always the most comfortable . The problems come when one likes and the other may be overwhelming, especially in summer.

= Well, to try to please the two of you, you can let one lie down face down, with a cushion under his abdomen: this way you will avoid putting pressure on his back.

=The other will have to be placed on the side and just pass the arm giving a slight hug.

3. Face up

This position is ideal for the rest of both, since neither of them will exert more pressure of the adequate with the body on the other. If you both have the habit of sleeping like this, it will be enough to link your hands to be united and ready.

4. The spoon

This is another of the most common positions when sleeping with a partner. The spoon is one of the preferred positions by many. But is it healthy? The answer seems to be yes, since it helps to eliminate pressure on the spine .

The best option to enjoy this position is to stand on your side, bend your knees and place the pillow between your legs, so you will get both rest.

5.Avoid unstable positions

Avoid making impossible positions in which, for example, the head rests on the arm, legs on the arms and other postures that can cause pain if they are prolonged in time.

And it is that you can cause that the circulation does not flow correctly in certain zones due to the pressure that you will be exerting.

Not only is this not good for your health, but both of you are probably hurting even if none of you dare to confess it.

6.A good mattress, the best possible position

It is of little or no use to have a good posture if the mattress is not suitable. Think of a model that suits your needs, that is neither too hard, nor soft, nor too worn out …

This is something that is also applicable when choosing the pillow, so you will have to pay attention to this aspect too.

It is highly recommended that you bear in mind that there are moments to pamper the couple and others who are sleeping and this has to be reflected when choosing a good position, as healthy as possible.

For this reason, we must avoid opting for uncomfortable positions, romantic as they may seem or, otherwise, the back can be very resentful.

Find the balance between the position that one likes and the other and, above all, respect the spaces.

Remember that you have to rest at bedtime and that the signs of affection can be done in many ways without having to damage your own health .

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