The Most Lasting Rainbow In History Manifests Itself In Taiwan


The Most Lasting Rainbow In History Manifests Itself In Taiwan, the capital Taipei (Taiwan), appreciated a wonderful and really unique phenomenon. The longest rainbow was seen, with a duration of almost 9 hours.

The University of Chinese Culture, fascinated, recorded this unprecedented event. It started at 6:57 am and ended at 3:55 pm, lasting exactly 8 hours with 58 minutes.

For Chou Kun-Hsuan, a professor at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, in his own words “It was incredible, like a gift from heaven”.

The University published a bulletin that same day, asking students and teachers to send photos or videos of the rainbow to show Guinness World Records that they had set a new world record.

The previous record belongs to Yorkshire, England, on March 14, 1994. This rainbow lasted six hours, undoubtedly, the rainbow of Taiwan is superior.

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