The Top 10 Perfect Little Black Bikini Photo Of Ashley Graham


The Top 10 Perfect Little Black Bikini Photo Of Ashley Graham , Ashley Graham Reveals Her Secrets To Nailing The Perfect Bikini Selfie, Ashley Graham is without a doubt the most famous “plus size” model. With its curves and flamboyant personality, it does not go unnoticed. Fortunately, she has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. She is now a judge on America’s Next Top Model, where she regularly talks about self-acceptance and what’s important for the fashion industry to show off different types of bodies.

So it’s only natural that Ashley Graham created his own line of swimsuits. And it’s in the pieces of her new collection that the beautiful was seen on the beach in Miami.

“Like any girl, when you get to the beach or the pool, you say, ‘Oh no, I have to take off my clothes’. At first, you get the feeling that everyone is looking at you … And then, after a while, you feel comfortable and you say ‘OK, another piña colada’, “she said. entrusted to People Now recently.

Of course, even though Ashley Graham assumes her curves 100% and argues for body diversity in fashion, she had some uncertainties about her own appearance. That may be why his message resonates so much with girls and women today.

“I’m training. I do my best to eat well. I like myself the way I am. And I’m not ashamed of some bumps or cellulite, and you should not be, either, “wrote Ashley Graham on Instagram recently.

See photos of Ashley Graham instead in her new collection of jerseys! It’s hot!

“The most important thing is to feel sexy and confident about what you are wearing,” as Ashley Graham once said. And to see these images, it is very successful in his case!

But some Internet users commented negatively on his new photos.

“It’s not to insult her, but she has the body of my 59-year-old mother,” wrote one of them.

“She does not have a size! It’s not healthy to look like that, “says another.

“I love it, but you can not deny that it has gained a lot of weight,” adds a third.

Fortunately, Ashley Graham can count on her fans to defend her.

What do you think of Ashley? Do you find it attractive or not?

Here is another picture where she takes the pose:

She does not hesitate to show her curves.She seems to be in full confidence of herself!

Here is another beautiful picture:

“She is not complex and she has confidence in herself. She does not try to be something she is not. Bravo Ashley, “says one of them.