The Top 15 Hottest Hair Trends for Fall 2017


The Hair Trends Of Autumn 2017 by The Top 15 Hottest Hair Trends for Fall 2017. Short, long, plated, embossed, crimped, cut in the bowl or punctuated with pastel touches … We tell you all about new styles and codes, hairstyle. What to be in the tone of the new season!

1.The RED

Coppery, flamboyant or tugging on the auburn … While we had only for the blond on all the tones since the last seasons, here the red starts again to ignite the imaginations!


It’s impossible to resist the retro-futuristic volume imagined by star hairdresser Sam McKnight for the Chanel show.


Radical, evocative of the 1990s and marking the return of the smooth, bowl cut caused a shockwave during the parades of Alexander Wang, Lanvin, Chloe and Haider Ackermann. Let’s face it: if it was popularized by nobles in the 14th century and a thousand times reinterpreted since (from Vidal Sassoon in 1960 to Lena Dunham today, through the hairstyles of our childhood and those of the famous Playmobil figurines), this look is not necessarily easy to wear …


Out of inspiration? In lack of time? In the turmoil of a bad hair day ? At the beginning of the school year, you can always stick on your beret, hat, hat or hat, in a stylish or falsely neglected way.



Marcel ripples of the roaring twenties, pin-up shots and double banana of the post-war period (also known as Victory Rolls) … These cult hairstyles, reinterpreted with brio, titillated our taste of the retro.



Zoom on the barrettes way cuffs, which held up the lower ponytails of the models at Etienne Aigner, and on the silver pliers, way XXL bobby pins, placed here and there on the heads very clear of the beautiful parade of Annakiki.


Pink, lilac, yellow, silver, aqua … Pastel hair make us an eye? We opt for a pulsating candy tone on long locks, on the fringe or on a large scale, in total look. We hesitate to “pastellize” our lives? We succumb despite all the current by simply coloring a hair extension at the whim of our fantasy.


Greenhouses, headbands and tiaras head to the head this fall! Detailed review of the most discreet to the most dazzling adornment.



We forget the tutorials of #tresseADN, #stressofboxeur or #queuedepenisson which ignited Instagram. Because if we rely on the heads of the models who have paraded in New York as well as Paris or Milan, the mat of the season comes in two ways: glued closer to the skull for a rather tribal inspiration, or woven very finely along its length for a romantic effect.



Smooth on the ears, rolled low on the neck, knotted way ballerina, twisted on the top of the skull … The bun is in any case a safe bet of the season, whether it takes height or not!


Straight out of the 1990s, embossed ripples add a wild note, sexy or offbeat hairstyles of the moment, including the wisest.

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