Top 10 Crazy Things That Happen Only In Japan


The land of the Rising Sun seems to be part of another world, filled with unthinkable things and bizarre traditions.

Zeephy has collected some incredible stories that show what the everyday life of an ordinary Japanese person looks like.

1. Profession: pushing people in the subway

At rush hour, there are so many passengers in the Japanese subway that there are special employees who aim to put people in the cars: they are called oshiya . This work is usually done by students.

2. The largest collection of trains

In Japan, all types of trains are in circulation: two-stage, high-speed, self-driving trains, vintage trains, and even trains that look like cartoon characters, like the Thomas train. Metro trains have special wagons for women to avoid male harassment.

3. Pet robots for kids

Having a pet in Japan is a pretty expensive treat. Indeed, it costs about the same price as a car. Therefore, we buy children robots that mimic pets.

4. Sakura: beautiful and edible

Sakura is the national flower of Japan and the treat used to decorate desserts. The dishes with sakura petals are particularly popular in the spring when their blooming begins and the whole country is covered with a pink “carpet”.

5. There is no rule in public transportation

In public transport, no one gives up his chair to women, children and the elderly. First come, first seated.

 6. There is no rule about fashion

Japanese urban fashion is composed of flashy colors, hazardous clothes and crazy design. Some compare it to a type of modern art where everyone can express themselves through the combination of colors and incompatible accessories.

7. Restaurants with plastic food

This is an unexpected profession: specialists prepare artificial food that is indistinguishable from the original. It is elaborated from powder or wax, according to the requests of the restaurants, to then expose the models of the dishes to the public.

8. Nothing makes your smile more attractive than overlapping teeth

The Japanese believe that the “Hollywood smile” is too open and provocative. They prefer the opposite: they try to have crooked teeth, and they do not hesitate to correct them to create the effect of “overlapping teeth”.

9. Landing a plane seems easier than running the toilet

The “dashboard” next to the toilet looks like the captain’s seat of an intergalactic spaceship: it’s made up of dozens of buttons that let you listen to music, use the toilet, heat the seat, and even activate the shower.

10. Ice cream with noodles, meat or beer

During the Second World War, rabbits were taken to Okunoshima Island for secret scientific studies. Then, the program was canceled and the rabbits were released. Since then, they have not lost their time. That’s why this little island is now full of rabbits, which attracts thousands of tourists.

Bonus: Bikini jeans

Although this provocative hybrid of bikini and very low waist jeans is produced in Brazil, it is Japan that has become famous.