The Top 10 Makeup Tricks That We Check With A Professional Stylist


The Top 10 Makeup Tricks That We Check With A Professional Stylist, Cach day we find many makeup tips from both professional stylists and amateur bloggers. decided to test the most popular tips and teach our readers which of them are really worth it.

#1. Choose the correct tone

Choose the correct shade of the makeup base according to your skin tone. It can be warmer or cooler. To make a good choice, apply a few tones in the area between the face and the neck.

#2. Bleach the bronzer correctly

The modern face correction is based on soft lines. There should not be any straight lines or triangles. The best shade of the bronzer is grayish brown with a light texture. It is better to darken the area above the cheekbone, this trick will give an additional lifting effect.

#3. Choose the correct eyebrow shape

The eyebrows give personality to all the makeup, therefore, for a daily makeup it is better to choose a soft shape with a light curve. Choose the color according to the tone of your hair: brunettes are good colors 1 or 2 shades lighter than the color of your hair; to the blondes, of the same tone or a darker one.

#4. Visually increase eyes

The black pencil on the upper part of the mucosa will make your look more defined and open and will make your lashes look more dense. And, on the contrary, if you use it on the lower eyelid without blurring the shadows, you will create an almond shape of the eyes, therefore, they will look smaller.

#5.5 Choose the perfect shape of the outlined

The delineation suits all of them! The important thing is to find its shape and the correct direction. Do not lift the end of the line too high, so you break the shape of the eye. Following the line of the lower eyelid is one of the correct directions for your delineation. Draw the line with the eye open, so you will see all the folds of the eyelid and you will not draw the line in the wrong place.

#6.Use various shadows

In eye make-up use not only 2 shades but several. To blur softly, you need a medium-sized fluffed brush, and a shadow tone that does not create just the shadow effect.

#7.Paint your eyelashes with a single layer of mascara

A large amount of mascara on the lashes adds age and gives your look a frivolous touch. Well-spread and spongy eyelashes look softer in everyday make-up.

#8.Apply the blusher correctly

Apply the blusher with gentle movements and gradually add the necessary intensity layer by layer. Applies not only to the dimples of the cheeks but also diffuses with a brush towards the temples.

#9.Select lipstick the same shade as lipstick

The most important thing in the makeup of the lips is that the pencil dissolves in the lipstick. The lips with a too marked contour look vulgar. Try first to blur the pencil and then apply the lipstick.

#10.Hide the dark circles

To conceal the dark circles more effectively, apply the concealer not in the form of a crescent but in the form of a triangle as shown in the photo.

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