Top 10 Moments We’ll Miss When He’s A Teenager (hard to believe, but true)


Top 10 Moments We’ll Miss When He’s A Teenager (hard to believe, but true), It seems far away, the time when your child was a tiny roast that just came out of your belly. Now he’s slamming the doors, claiming a scooter like his friends, a mobile phone to have Snapchat, and he seems like he wants to bring his new friend back on Friday night. Do you feel it, old man? Wrinkles that are growing? Whereas before, everything seemed so simple to you …by

1. When he fell asleep in your arms

You remember, when after a big bottle or a good ballad, he fell asleep in your arms, his cheek pressed against your shoulder, the body all hot? Well now he sleeps until noon alone in his room that he never airs and who feels the old sock, his snoring pass through the door and it’s not cute at all.

2. When he was learning to chase after the cat

He was there, so small, learning to walk, the balance uncertain like yourself after a few glasses of Tequila Sunrise. The cat was quick and he a little less, but he did not let go. Now you have to force him to walk mo, e than 50 meters, and in addition he is dragging his feet.

3. When he did not know how to slam the doors yet

At the limit, he began to scream a little when he was not happy, but he did not know yet how the doors worked, let alone how to slam them with force. Now it’s commonplace, and it does not happen a single week without making a theatrical exit leaving the table because you refused to go to a party with friends on a weekday night.

4. When he did not look up to the sky every time you speak

The insolence is the height of adolescence. Before, he dared not contradict you, drinking your words like a weak-minded face to a sect guru. Now every word you utter exasperates him, and he manifests it by blowing on the lock of greasy hair that falls to his eyes and rolling his eyes to the sky.

5. When you were his favorite person in the world

She is way back when her mother was the strongest in the world. Now he’s screaming at every argument he hates you and he’d rather have another mother and be born into a different family than his own.

6. When he was not speaking yet

It was the time of tranquility. He could not speak yet, so he could not answer you in an insolent tone, and had to be content to obey, without consideration. Now he is talking too much, and he knows more than you, which is more and more embarrassing.

7. When he thought he would live with you forever

At the time, for him, his dream was to live with his parents all his life. Now, after slamming the door for the twelfth time of the day, he yells that he is eagerly awaiting his 18 years to have his apartment and leave this madhouse. Good atmosphere.

8. When he hated being away from you

He could not stand you leaving the room, refusing someone else to take him in his arms, and hating going on vacation to his grandparents because you were not there. Now, he’s just waiting for one thing: that you leave him home for a weekend to do the biggest job of the school, in your back of course.

9. When he made his list to Santa Claus

He carefully noted on a sheet of paper all the toys in the catalog of the Grande Récrée that he dreamed that Santa Claus brought him, not yet knowing that the Christmas wallet was you. Now he asks for either a check or a PS4.

10. When you could dress it as you wanted

That was the best part of childhood, to be able to choose all his clothes and play the doll every day. He did not care what he wore, and to tell the truth he did not even care to be dressed. Now, he wants the last Stan Smith to go with his pierced Nirvana T-shirt that stinks of old Roquefort, and you do not have your say unless you hear this fucking door slam again.

Come on, do not worry, it’s not going to last forever. And then at worst, you only have to make him a little sister, it will calm you to start all over again.

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