Top 13 Self-Defense Techniques That Could Save Your Life


Top 13 Self-Defense Techniques That Could Save Your Life, When we see news about attacks on television and the Internet, we almost always think that will never happen to us. But it can happen to us. Unfortunately, nobody is safe from criminals.

We are convinced that it is better to be prepared for any turn of destiny and we bring you these 13 self-defense techniques, although we trust that you will never have to put them into practice.

13. Close your fist correctly

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The discussion about what is more effective, whether a fist or the palm of the hand, is a very long debate. But more often, before hitting, the hand involuntarily closes in a fist. The most important thing is to do it in such a way that no damage is done to any of the fingers. Do not expose the thumb outwards and do not leave it under the four fingers: that can lead to a fracture.

Do not forget the blows with your hand: they are the most unexpected.

12. How to get rid of the ropes?

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The most important thing you have to do is try to leave a gap. If you tie your hands, keep them closed forming a fist. If they tie you by the torso, inhale air expanding the diaphragm. The more free space there is, the greater your chances of escape.

11. Remember the vulnerable areas

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The physical strength of a woman is much less than that of a man, so they need to resort to the surprise factor. The most important thing is to give a blow as fast and strong as possible. If you take too long thinking or “pointing”, the opponent will realize your plan and will be even more angry.

10. Uses security applications

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Use modern methods Applications like Family Locator, bSafe and others will help track the movements of your friends and family and, in case of emergency, issue a distress signal.

9. Invent an alert message

As children, we invent codes, new words and even languages. And this fun could save lives. If you have the opportunity to speak or write a message, a coded distress signal will reveal to your family the real situation. And if you go beyond encryption, your loved ones will know even if they take you north, along a road, near abandoned buildings or even down a concrete street.

8. Use the media at your fingertips

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Use any object that can help you. In this way, the bag can be used as a shield against a knife attack (do not put it on your body) and a scarf thrown into your opponent’s face can give you a couple of extra seconds. Umbrellas, bags and even loose coins in your pocket can help. Your set of keys is one of the best remedies. Mind you, do not waste your time trying to make with them American fists

7. Pepper spray, in the right place

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It does not make any sense to keep a pepper spray in your purse if what you have there is a bottomless black hole. The most common attack always happens suddenly and you must get this ally to defend yourself as quickly as possible. Not even the outer pocket is entirely adequate to store a spray of this type. After all, you have to waste time until you open it. Keep this remedy in the pocket of your clothes: this way you can apply it quickly to escape.

6. If they grabbed you by the hand

Escape when they hold you by the hands you can use the “rule of the thumb”: turn your hand towards the attacker’s thumb. But remember that the pull must be strong and fast. If the enemy perceives your intention, squeeze your hand with all his strength. In this case, use your legs: hit in the groin, in the knee and with all your strength, poke the foot.

5. If they held you by the hair

One of the most popular ways to attack a victim is to hold her by the hair. This technique is not only painful, it also provides almost total control over your body. So, first, grab the opponent’s hand with both hands. In this way you will regain control. Then, use your legs. Once you feel the attacker’s hand loses grip, release yours and run.

4. If they grabbed you by the neck

The popular method to escape when they hold you by the neck, called “the circular lever”, does not always work. Basically, you may lack strength or time to execute it. It is always better to hit the groin or insert your fingers into the opponent’s eyes. This pain will allow you to reduce your opponent’s grip on your neck.

3. In the elevator

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Of course, everyone knows that you should not enter an elevator with strangers. And if someone suspicious enters when you are already inside, it is always better to leave. Acquire the habit of putting your back to the part of the wall where the buttons are. It is better to press the button for your “neighbor” than to allow you the option of stopping the elevator, being stuck with it between two floors.

2. In the car

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As in the case of the elevator, here you can avoid the attack in advance. In addition to the classic advice of “do not get into a car with strangers”, we recommend, if you go up, point or tell someone on the phone the registration and color of the car, as well as the chosen destination. If the attack could not be avoided, it hits the vulnerable areas: in the groin, nose and eyes.

1. Learn first aid techniques

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If you have not yet learned the first aid techniques, we advise you to do it as soon as possible. It may be the case that someone nearby is injured and the hospital is far away. In this situation, the first rescue actions can help save life.

Other rules that will be useful to you

To be alert. If you are listening to music with headphones, immersed in the phone’s screen or simply walk with the habit of looking at the ground instead of observing your surroundings, you may not perceive the attacker. Look around you and, from time to time, backwards. If the “surprise effect” is lost, the attacker could change his mind and renounce the attack.

Keep the distance. Try to do everything possible to avoid being put against the wall. Even if the attacker moves towards you, do not step back. Better move to one side, changing your trajectory in this way.
Keep your hands in front of you. This is not simply a defense position (just make sure that the hands are at the level of the chin and with the elbows slightly bent), but also of “conciliation”. So, you can say: “Quiet. Take it easy. We are going to resolve this peacefully. ” But at the same time you are ready to fight and defend yourself.
The most important thing is to escape. Even if you have learned and practiced all these techniques, that does not mean that you have become Elektra. There is no need to compare your physical strength with that of an atacamte. The main objective is to remain intact. So get these three things: escape a capture, confuse and flee.

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