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Top 8 Beauty Tips & Tricks For Pale Skinned Girls – GirlsMakeup By zeephy,, Are you looking for beauty tips for pale skinned girls? Do you always have problems with makeup? Here we will give you some secrets to look beautiful without complications.

Although there are seasons in which to look tanned is fashion, you do not have to fight with your skin tone . On the contrary, with the right strategies you will be able to highlight your natural beauty .

There really is not a correct, beautiful or perfect skin color. Each one is different, unique and beautiful. You just have to learn to take advantage of yours!

1. Do not abuse makeup powder

One of the first things that pale-skinned girls should avoid is compact powder makeup.

Although this may be a great option to deal with oily or mixed skin, they will make your skin look dusty and too muffled .

The ideal is that you use makeup that gives shine to your skin. For this there are two options:

= Use makeup in mousse . This controls the fat without leaving dust on your face.

= BB cream: . The BB cream are perfect if your skin is pale dry well. These creams offer hydration and good coverage, two characteristics that you will need if you have imperfections to cover.

2. Lipstick in bright colors will add color

One of the great fears of pale-skinned girls is to choose lipsticks that are too strident. It is undeniable that reds, roses, corals and the like are complicated to wear.

However, this is the same for everyone, regardless of the skin tone. The key is to make your lipstick the focal point of your face accompanied by a simple makeup.

If at first you do not feel safe using bright colors, start with some midtones. Gradually you can try other colors as you feel more comfortable.

3. Avoid eye shadows in light tones

The shades in beige, cream and skin will blend with your color and it will seem that you forgot about them . For this reason, these colors are ideal only to illuminate the arch of the eyebrows and the lacrimal.

For the mobile eyelid it is a good idea to look for shades that stand out on your skin. If you want a soft makeup, use neutral colors, but darker than your skin.

4. Change the eyeliner and mask for black lashes for coffee

The classic thing is the mascara in black tone and, of course, the girls with pale skin feel good, provided they use them without excess.

When you apply excessively the eyeliner and the eyelash mask you end up looking haggard and the feeling of paleness increases .

In case you do not want to completely forget about black, change the black eyeliner to a gray one.

Do you want to add some color to your face? Try the eyeliner and mascara for coffee . You’ll be surprised how good it makes you look.

5. Choose the right base

The color of the base is fundamental for the makeup of pale-skinned girls. It is very important that you make sure you identify well the tone you should use to avoid making your pallor more noticeable.

In addition to using the correct tone, it is important that you make sure to apply the base also on the neck to achieve a balanced result .

6. Use bronzer and blush in your makeup

With a bronzer you will color your face evenly . Make sure you apply it with a thick brush to get a natural look . Apply it in the areas where the sun will be marked.

For its part, the blush will help you look healthy . Of course, girls with pale skin should be very careful, because a blush too red or pink can make them look sick.

Try one in a very light pink or peach color.

7. Learn to apply the contour technique on your face

The light color of your skin will make your face look formless. Luckily, using light and dark tones with the contour technique allows you to define and mark.

It is important that you understand the type of face you have, because that depends on the application of lights and shadows.

In any case, you will never fail if:

Apply illuminator under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose , the center of the forehead and on the chin.

Apply the dark tone under the cheeks, around the face and on the sides of the bridge of the nose.

8. Do not wear very light clothing or the same shade of your skin

Wearing clear clothes generates the same effect as applying clear shadows: it will look like you are not wearing anything. Therefore, try to acquire colored garments that stand out on your skin.

Pale-skinned girls do not need to wear brightly colored garments, but they do need to learn to play with colors.

In case you like clear garments, try those pastel ones. If you want to use white, you can do it whenever you highlight it with accessories or colored garments.

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