The Story Of Two Lovers: They Travel Around The World Taking Romantic Photos


The Story Of Two Lovers: They Travel Around The World Taking Romantic Photos, Rob and Jolie met while traveling. Unfortunately, there was a huge problem: a great distance separated them. Rob is from the United States and Jolie is from the Philippines. That did not stop them from forming a great friendship through Facebook. As time passed, they began to feel attracted to each other, so they chose to see each other again.

The two of them love to travel, so they decided to meet halfway, the days passed and everyone had to return to their place of origin. As a reminder of their trips, they took a photo of the places they visited. Now they have enough images to share with the world. But although at first sight they look like the travel photos of a normal couple, they contain the story of two lovers who fought against all odds to be together.

His first reunion took place in Milan, Italy

Then they saw each other in Joshua Tree National Park, California, United States

In Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

In Barcelona, ​​Spain

In Lisbon, Portugal

In New York, United States

In Washington, DC, United States

In Kizhi, Russia

In Peterhof, Saint Petersburg, Russia

And after three years … he asked for marriage in Moscow, Russia

She said yes!

They got married in front of their family and friends

All they needed to be together was love

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