The True Purpose Of Nelson Mandela’s International Day


The True Purpose Of Nelson Mandela’s International Day, Today, July 18, the UN has decided to dedicate this day to Nelson Mandela, since it was on this same date in 1918 that he was born. This day was approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2009, recognizing him as leader and promoter of the struggle for the liberation and unity of Africa. The UN invites people from all over the world to make a difference in their communities because, as it says on its website:

Each has the capacity and responsibility to forge a better world, and Mandela Day is an occasion for each to act and inspire change.

Nelson Mandela was a clear example of a person dedicated to the service of others and eager to make a better world. It is for this reason that Nelson Mandela Day aims to inspire everyone to make a positive change for the world.

Since he was a child he always dreamed of being able to contribute to the freedom of his people. At Fort Hare University he studied English, anthropology, politics, administration of native peoples and Roman-Dutch law legislation. All this with the purpose of being an interpreter or employee of the Department of Indigenous Affairs, which was his main interest. At the University of the Witwatersrand he began studying law, but he was the only black student.

In his fight against apartheid he was imprisoned for 27 years (1963-1990). The South African government rejected any request for freedom, as it was exhibited as an example for any black South African who will fight for his freedom. Frederik de Klerk was the one who freed him in 1990 and made him his main interlocutor to dismantle apartheid and now to become a multiracial democracy. Even in 1993 they received both the Nobel Peace Prize. It was in 1994 that Nelson became the first black president of South Africa.

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