What Color Do You See?


What Color Do You See? Now we bring you an optical illusion, it is something special, because it shows that everyone is unique in the world.

I know it’s black and white, but if you stare at it for a while you’ll start to notice another color. Did you notice?

Some see yellow, some green and a few red, although there are also those who do not see anything out of the ordinary. The optical wheel is named: Benham’s top, by the inventor of toys Charles Benham.

As reported by Metro Uk, Benham created the pattern of movement of a spinning top in 1895.

It’s been over 100 years and scientists are still not sure why people see different colors.

According to the University of Washington: “It is possible that the colors seen on Benham rotating disks are the result of changes occurring in the retina and other parts of the visual system.”

“In other words, the black and white areas of the disc stimulate different parts of the retina,” they added.

At present, it is trying to discover how to use it as a diagnostic tool for eye diseases, explains Daily Mail.

And tell us what color do you see?

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